Norfolk firm becomes first Carbon Balanced Publication printer

Julian & Lincoln Barnwell

Aylsham-based Barnwell Print has become Norfolk’s first Carbon Balanced Publication printer.
Ever conscious of environmental issues, the company’s responsible approach to the environment has seen a ninety per-cent reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill – waste that is now recycled instead. And recent investment in electricity usage has resulted in a twenty tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
Barnwell print has now taken a step further in becoming the county’s Carbon Balanced Publication printing pioneer, where the carbon impact of the whole production of a printed item is estimated and then offset.  Verified by the Edinburgh Centre of Carbon Management and facilitated by their key paper supplier, Howard Smith Paper, these carbon emissions are then balanced, or offset, by the World Land Trust through the purchase and preservation of endangered areas of natural forest.
The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity based in Suffolk, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats. Since its foundation in 1989 the WLT has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves and give permanent protection to wildlife and their habitat. To date they have assisted in the purchase of more than half-a-million acres of critical land.
Director, Julian Barnwell explains   ‘Carbon Balanced Publication is one of the highest statements of integrity and credibility for users of paper-based communications, because the carbon impacts of the whole production of the printed item has been estimated and offset. We are extremely proud that we are using Carbon Balanced papers as our ‘house sheet’ and equally proud to be leading the way.’
Barnwell Print’s contribution makes impressive reading. In just nine months the company has offset 140 tonnes of carbon and effectively preserved 25,000 square metres of critically threatened tropical forest – the equivalent of taking thirty-four petrol cars off the road each year or 150 return flights from London to New York.

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