Monthly Archives: March 2013

Cittaslow UK is embarking on another chapter in its expansion

After a successful two years as Chair of Cittaslow UK Liz Jones, from Cittaslow Aylsham, is stepping down

Liz can look back on two years which saw the overseeing of a Project Officer and the inaugural ‘Cittaslow in the City’. This London based activity, organised by Sophie McKeand, provided the opportunity to showcase our Cittaslow Towns, enjoy local produce and be entertained by skilled poets. Such was the success of this venture, which was part financed by Cittaslow International, that we have been invited to repeat the exercise.

The new Chair is to be Bernard Shaw of Cittaslow Berwick, the first Cittaslow town in the North East. He took up his appointment on March 2nd. During his time as Chair he hopes to welcome other towns into the UK network, to support the work of our PHD student and try to ensure that Cittaslow UK continues to be respected throughout the Cittaslow movement. He will be supported by the secretariat from Aylsham, without whom he would have been unable to accept the position as Chair and other board members, notably Andrea Mearns, who as Vice President of Cittaslow International, is able to exert influence on our behalf. He also expresses thanks to Helen Jarvis, who as one of Cittaslow’s international academic advisors, also assists in ensuring the UK remaining a prominent force within Cittaslow International.

Bernard Shaw can be contacted at or 01289 308005.