Cittaslow - an international movement of towns

Cittaslow is an international movement of towns that have adopted a common set of principles and objectives to enhance their quality of life.

Cittaslow was first formed in Italy in 1999 and grew out of the Slow Food movement. In just over 10 years, it has grown into a network of over 230 towns in over 30 countries that stretch from Norway to New Zealand and from Spain to South Korea.

Membership of Cittaslow is open to towns with less than 50,000 residents. Towns must undergo a strenuous accreditation process to be recognised as Cittaslow members. This process includes assessing each town’s achievements and objectives against over 50 membership criteria that cover –

- Environmental management and protection

- Provision of people-friendly infrastructure

- Conservation and maintenance of the urban fabric

- Promotion and support of local produce and local products

- Provision of visitor welcome facilities

- Active involvement of the community in the life of their town

- Promotion of the principles of Cittaslow

The membership criteria aim to involve the local community in taking practical actions to enhance the environment, infrastructure, local products, hospitality, and profile of a town.

Cittaslow is organised into a series of national networks that develop and promote Cittaslow at a national level and help to guide other towns that may also be interested in joining the movement.

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