Spring Clean

The town of Mold (yr Wyddgrug in Welsh) is the county town of Flintshire. The first Welsh town to achieve Cittaslow status, Mold has a strong community of committed volunteers working towards a number of initiatives to improve the quality of life for residents. The Cittaslow committee comprises of representatives from various organisations including Mold Town Council, Mold 2000, Flintshire County Council and Mold & District Civic Society.

The three Cittaslow Mold sub-groups are Environmental Policy, Space and Place, and Local Produce and Community, with the groups focussing on the Cittaslow goals that fall within their criteria.

The Space and Place group have achieved a great deal since their inception including a £30,000 Rural Development award for a Sense of Place study 2010 that aims to build on Mold’s local distinctiveness and develop the town for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.

Mold’s historic Bailey Hill site, the origin of the town, has recently benefited from £20,000 funding for a study including topographical and arboriculture surveys. Cittaslow have continued to improve this beautiful space and encourage visitors in a number of ways including the annual Bailey Hill festival that attracts around 2500 people each year and the historic trail that was completed through the hard work of many local volunteers.

Mold recently received praise for winning the Public Sector category of the prestigious Tidy Wales Awards for its 2010 Spring Clean campaign.

Additional projects include the Local Produce and Community group working towards creating a local food hub in the town to support local producers, create awareness about the origins of our food and help to reduce food miles.

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