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A regular winner of the Beautiful Britain award, Perth boasts a rich heritage as an important trading and market town. It was also one of the earliest capitals of Scotland, where Scottish monarchs were crowned for many centuries.

Perth is located in the centre of one of Scotland’s most important agricultural areas, and our interest in joining Cittaslow initially grew out of a desire to support and promote local food producers. Local agencies saw how Cittaslow membership would enable us to do this, while offering the added benefits of also supporting local conservation and environmental protection initiatives.

Perth’s Cittaslow membership application was led by Perth & Kinross Council and Scottish Enterprise Tayside, who brought local bodies together to form a Steering Group that involved representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, the local Tourist Board, Perth College, Perth Farmers’ Market and the local Association of Voluntary Services, as well as interested individual food producers. A consultant was appointed to oversee the development of Perth’s application. This was helpful as it provided a dedicated resource to back up and support the Steering Group, which comprised unpaid volunteer members.

It took about a year for Perth to achieve Cittaslow membership and we had to review many aspects of the city in order to identify where we work together well as a community and where we need to improve to meet the Cittaslow criteria.

There are a number of projects being undertaken in and around Perth that link into Cittaslow membership objectives. Among them is the Carse of Gowrie Heritage Orchards Project, a multi-agency initiative that aims to safeguard and enhance orchards within an historic fruit-growing area by raising awareness of their commercial, eco-tourism and biodiversity value.

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