Aylsham declares Climate Emergency

Aylsham Town Council declared a climate emergency at its meeting on 18 August 2021 and agreed to work towards making Aylsham carbon neutral by 2035.

At that meeting, the following was agreed:
• To form a Climate Action Group consisting of up to 12 members, at least 4 to be Aylsham Town Councillors.
• To agree Terms of Reference to ensure the group acts within the legality of what the Town Council can do.
• To monitor delivery of Aylsham’s commitment to Net Zero through the Climate Change Working Group, whose members include representatives from the
community, business, environmental organisations, councillors, and council officers.

This commits the council to making climate change a priority and to:

  1. Undertake a carbon audit to establish a starting point and produce a “carbon budget” to compare with the current budget.
  2.  Have a dedicated web page to communicate and inform residents of plans and how they can get involved.
  3.  To switch to use green energy, as contracts allow.
  4.  Review all its own emissions, single use plastics and waste. It will set a benchmark and audit this each year.
  5.  Work towards the eradication of single use plastics in the town
  6. Support and encourage the planting of trees and wildflowers.
  7. Work with local businesses particularly ‘take away’ providers, to see how they can help reduce the use of single use plastics.
  8. Review the provision of cycle racks in prominent and safe areas in our town and encourage cycling.
  9.  Work with local schools to reduce the use of cars taking children to school.

The inaugural meeting of the Climate Action Group was held on Monday 1 November at the Town Hall. It’s main purpose is to produce a strategy to help the council achieve its aim of making Aylsham carbon neutral by 2035.

The group, of up to 12 members, including at least four Aylsham Town Councillors, will set targets and measure progress against.

It will work with other organisations and stakeholders in Aylsham towards the same aims, and will investigate all possible sources of external funding and match funding to support this commitment.

All meetings will be open to the public.

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