UK Joint Projects

Every member town of Cittaslow UK has different strengths and priorities - and we all do things in different ways. The development of joint projects gives us the opportunity to learn from and support one another, to share best practice and generate innovative ideas.

Plastic reduction in Cittaslow UK towns

Cittaslow towns across the world are grappling with the global problem of plastic pollution. How best can we reduce our reliance on plastics and recycle those plastics that are used? Our Cittaslow towns - Alylsham, Llangollen and Mold - share their experiences of how to...

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We love our local produce

The member towns of Cittaslow UK are all distinctly different, but one of the many qualities we share in common is a love of our local produce. From food festivals to farmers’ markets, local produce is loudly celebrated and promoted in Cittaslow towns. Locally produced food...

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Academic support for Cittaslow UK

To better understand and research Cittaslow, Newcastle University in partnership with Cittaslow UK was successful in attracting PhD student funding from the Arts Humanity Research Council (AHRC). This funding was for a study into what makes Cittaslow towns so special. Tessa Holland was appointed and...

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