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We love our local produce

The member towns of Cittaslow UK are all distinctly different, but one of the many qualities we share in common is a love of our local produce. From food festivals to farmers’ markets, local produce is loudly celebrated and promoted in Cittaslow towns.

Locally produced food is often the first concept that people identify with the

cultural trend known as the Slow movement. This isn’t surprising, as Cittaslow grew from Slow Food, the global, grassroots movement that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment. Just as Slow Food seeks to promote a better way to eat and celebrate the rich food traditions of the UK, so Cittaslow looks at ways to improve the quality of life in towns, while celebrating each individual town’s unique identity.

Each Cittaslow UK town holds an annual food festival, giving residents and visitors the chance to sample local produce and to meet local producers. This is a valuable opportunity for growers and producers to showcase their wares and for the community to come together for some fun.

One of the Cittaslow’s core aims is for towns to become places where people enjoy living, working and visiting; there’s no doubt that the abundance of locally sourced food and drink is at the heart of our Cittaslow towns!

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