Cittaslow Goals

A. Energy and Environmental

A1 Air quality management, monitoring and reporting
A2 Policies to maintain the quality of water supplies and ensure pollution free water in rivers and waterways
A3 Drinking water use by residents compared to national averages
A4 Purity of sewage wastewater effluent
A5 Percentage of recyclable waste collected in the town (business and residential)
A6 Industrial and domestic composting management
A7 Energy saving in public buildings and other public systems (eg transport)
A8 Public energy production from renewable sources
A9 Household electric energy consumption compared to national averages
A10 Reduction of visual pollution (eg signage and advertising clutter) and traffic noise
A11 Reduction of public light pollution (eg from street lighting)
A12 Conservation of biodiversity
Optional and additional goal


B.  Infrastructure


B1 Cycle paths connecting public buildings
B2 Length of urban cycle paths as a proportion of urban roads
B3 Cycle parking at transport interchanges
B4 Planning for and provision of ecomobility as an alternative to private cars (eg buses on demand)
B5 Town planning to promote safe places and spaces and alternative forms of mobility
B6 Infrastructure and buildings that are accessible to all and cater for the diverse needs of people (eg families and pregnant women)
B7 Accessibility to medical services
B8 Sustainable distribution of products to and within town centres
B9 Percentage of residents who commute every day to work in another town
Optional and additional goal


C. Quality of Urban Life

C1 Planning for urban resilience
C2 Policies to protect and improve civic centers (street furniture, signs, aerials etc)
C3 Creation of public green spaces with productive plants/fruit trees
C4 Life/work balance (company hours, nursery provision etc)
C5 Reuse of brown sites and waste areas
C6 Use of ICT in the development of interactive services for residents and visitors
C7 Policies and advice to promote eco-friendly architecture
C8 Cable network (fibre/wireless/broadband)
C9 Monitoring and reduction of pollutants (noise, electrical systems etc)
C10 Development of home and flexible working
C11 Promotion of private sustainable urban development
C12 Promotion of public sustainable urban development
C13 Promotion of social infrastructure (free recycling projects, time banks)
C14 Creation of productive green spaces within town
C15 Creation of spaces to sell local products
C16 Protection/improvement of workshops and creation of shopping areas for sustainable products
C17 Percentage of built-up areas in relation to green areas in town
Optional and additional goal


D.  Local Produce and Products

D1 Development of sustainable local agriculture
D2 Plans and programmes to protect and support local, traditional, handmade, and artisan goods and produce (eg through product certification, and heritage initiatives)
D3 Increasing the awareness and value of traditional crafts, techniques and methods
D4 Increasing the value of rural areas (greater accessibility to services for residents, promotion and sale of local produce in towns)
D5 Use of local food, if possible organic, in public procurement (school, and hospital meals etc)
D6 Educational and promotional programmes to encourage and support the purchase of organic and traditionally produced local food by residents and the hospitality industry
D7 Promoting and increasing the value of local cultural events
D8 Additional hotel capacity (beds/people per year)
D9 Prohibiting the use of GMO in agriculture
D10 Innovative plans for land previously used for agriculture
Optional and additional goal


E.  Hospitality, Cittaslow Awareness and Training

E1 Good welcome – provision of customer service training for all those providing services to visitors, including signs, infrastructure and hours
E2 Increase the awareness of operators and traders on the value of transparent offers, prices and clear tariffs, avoidance of mis-selling and scam offers
E3 Available of ‘slow’ events and activities in printed material and on web sites
E4 Supporting health education (healthy eating, lifestyles, battle against obesity, diabetes etc)
E5 Ensuring effective community consultations and involvement in the more important administrative decisions
E6 Regular training and awareness on the Cittaslow themes for local government and town partnership etc employees
E7 Awareness and promotion of information on Cittaslow to residents
E8 Foster active associations working in partnership with local government and town partnership employees on the Cittaslow themes
E9 Initiatives to involve local business, organisations and opinion formers in promoting Cittaslow and enhancing the town’s performance against the membership goals
E10 Use of the Cittaslow logo on printed material and web sites of the local administration and key stakeholders
Optional and additional goal


F.  Social Cohesion

F1 Policies and programmes to reduce the discrimination of minority groups
F2 Encouragement of social integration in the housing of all ethnic groups
F3 Promote multicultural integration within society eg schools
F4 Policies and interventions to integrate disabled people
F5 Encouragement of affordable, accessible, safe and flexible child care, nursery provision etc
F6 Encouragement of employment, volunteering, skills development and other training opportunities for young people
F7 Support of initiatives to reduce the percentage of residents living in poverty
F8 Encouragement of thriving community groups and community-based development
F9 Encourage residents and businesses in town to engage with national and local government to help to inform their decisions
F10 Public housing – investment as a percentage of the local budget
F11 Areas for youth activities and youth centres
Optional and additional goal

G.  Partnerships

G1 Support for Cittaslow campaigns and activities
G2 Collaboration with other organisations promoting local and traditional food
G3 Support for twinning projects and cooperation with developing countries for projects that help their development, including through the Cittaslow philosophy
Optional and additional goal