Joint Projects

Academic support for Cittaslow UK

To better understand and research Cittaslow, Newcastle University in partnership with Cittaslow UK was successful in attracting PhD student funding from the Arts Humanity Research Council (AHRC). This funding was for a study into what makes Cittaslow towns so special. Tessa Holland was appointed and was awarded a PhD at the end of her studies.

The value of academic collaboration is explained by Tessa’s tutor, Dr Helen Jarvis of Newcastle University:

“My academic life has always involved collaboration with civil society organisations. It can be hugely rewarding to identify shared concerns and build effective relationships – whether for a stand-alone piece of research, undergraduate volunteering or full-scale PhD. It takes time to establish effective two-way relationships, which is why the AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award presented the ideal opportunity for Tessa to develop her academic career, and for Cittaslow UK representatives to tap into the technical support, funding and impact

that University partnership can provide. It’s not enough to produce evidence ‘from an ivory tower; the real challenge is to communicate and explain real-world situations. Dr Tessa Holland is to be congratulated for sensitively navigating shared concerns to produce a wonderfully original thesis”.

From all of us at Cittaslow UK – well done Tessa and thank you for sharing your thought-provoking ideas and helping to develop our projects.

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