Celyn Farmers’ Market in Mold

Celyn Farmers’ Market is held twice a month, on the first and third Saturdays, from 9am to 1pm. The venue is St Mary’s Church Hall, King Street, Mold CH7 1LA, where stalls can be found both inside the hall and spilling outside into the grounds.

On sale is quality local meat, organic eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh and smoked wet fish in season, sausages, pates and ready meals, chutneys, jams and cakes and speciality foods, such as hand-made sweets. You will also find potted plants and crafts.

At the Farmers’ Market you can buy value for money, quality, staple food directly from the producers and find out how it has been reared, grown or made. We bet you can taste the difference between freshly grown seasonal food and imported produce!

Visit King-Street-Mold-Farmers-Market Facebook page to catch up on all the latest news from producers and growers.

Why buy local food?

Buying local produce is good for consumers because:

  • Healthy – local food that’s freshly picked contains essential nutrients
  • Fresh – there’s more flavour in fresh food eaten at its peak
  • Traceability – you can talk to the person who grew, reared or produced the food to check that it was produced responsibly and safely
  • Supports local farmers and the economy – buying locally produced food strengthens a community’s economy through the multiplier effect, keeping more money circulating in the region
  • Cuts down on food miles – the greater the distance that food travels from farm to plate, the greater the CO2 emissions created
  • Value for money – quality produce which can all be eaten; just buying the amount you need; and asking the producers advice on how to cook the food, all leads to less waste, so saving you money
  • Builds local resilience – if you can walk or cycle to your source of food you won’t be so dependent on the multi-nationals (and a plentiful supply of oil)
Ffion Jones with freshly grown lettuce from JH Jones’s market garden at Childer Thornton and sold at Mold Farmers’ Market.

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